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Keith R.

Keith R. Job Checkin

Performed a 2nd floor dryer vent cleaning. Dryer vent, duct, flex hose and lint trap are all clear of lint and debris at this time. Dryer is s functioning properly at this time and exhaust flow is optimal. Recommend dryer vent cleaning every 1-2 years. Thank you for your business!

Paul T.

Paul T. Job Checkin

Arrived to perform the preventative maintenance on the Goodman system. Removed panel off unit, checked the evaporator coil and found the system iced up. Checked the air filter, filter is brand new. Spoke with home owner, customer stated they just moved in this weekend and during inspection they replaced the dirty filter. My conclusion is the dirty filter restricted the air flow and caused the system to ice up. I turned the fan on and advised the homeowner not to turn the air on and let it defrost until we return to check the overall operation. Returned and checked over system due to it was frozen on last visit. Connected my gauges and found system low on refrigerant. Charged unit with 3lbs of 410-A refrigerant. Let system cycle and checked operation, temperature split is at a 20. Air Conditioner is operating properly at this time.