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Jimmy P.

Jimmy P.

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Performed AC/furnace maintenance on 2012 carrier system. Upon my maintenance there were a few points or concerns that need to be addressed. 3 ton carrier condenser downstairs- 1. Found a secondary motor control was becoming Week on fan side and hermetic side terminals 2. Condenser fan motor slightly leaking oil from bearing 3. High voltage really showing signs of pitting and burn marks about 90% on contact point 3 ton carrier condenser upstairs- 1. Also found that secondary motor control was becoming week on hermetic and fan side terminal 2. High voltage really showed about 75% pitting and burn marks on contact point 3. Condenser fan motor has leaked out a significant amount of oil from bearing 4. Motor is coming close to over amping from what’s recommended on specification of data plate. Furnace upstairs- 1. Flame sensor has developed carbon buildup and formed a green coat, This can interfere with heating start up 2. Found multiple heat spots located on heat exchanger due to low