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Jimmy G.

Jimmy G.

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Arrived on site to diagnose 2 heat pump units not working. Spoke to client and she stated she been having issues and someone came out and told her the thermostat was bad as there is no displays. Cycled both units downstairs is on but is turning on and off. Upstairs is not heating at all. Inspected condenser upstairs not operating and downstairs was. Checked amps draws on downstairs compressor and found it amping at max amps due to age and condition she been aware units are on the last leg holding on. But told her unit will run and heat home until it over heats and lock up and won’t heat at all then until is cools down. Upstairs unit found thermostat can still operate it just shows nothing. found compressor locked up use tried to jump start it out of being locked up and unit was operational but after a couple minutes compressor completely fails and shut every down again. Cycled again and showed client personally what is happing with compressor. She saw and is aware unit hit the end of