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Chris A.

Chris A.

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Customer called in with a broken kitchen faucet, and a running toilet. Arrived on site and inspected the issue. The toilet in the upper apartment unit is running, and the shut off valve does not work, the kitchen sink faucet is loose and the mounting hardware is rusted. Provided pricing to perform a minor rebuild on the toilet, install a new quarter turn emergency shut off valve, and to replace the kitchen faucet. The customer accepted the pricing. Shut water off to the unit, removed the existing toilet shut off valve, installed a new quarter turn emergency shut off valve, installed a new fill valve, flapper, and supply line for the existing toilet. Restored water to the unit, bled air from the system, and tested the toilet. The toilet is no longer running and is working as designed. Removed the existing kitchen faucet. Installed a new Kohler faucet. Tested the new faucet. The new faucet is working as designed. The dishwasher air gap was installed in the furthest hole away fro