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Mt Vernon, WA , WA 98273

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Brannigan B.

Brannigan B. Job Checkin

Turned water heater to “Pilot Only” setting, and shut off main water supply at water meter box outside of house. Relieved water pressure by draining water from hose bib on the outside of house behind kitchen sink. Removed contents of drawers and shelves under kitchen sink, and removed sliding drawers and cabinet doors under sink for easier access. Removed old multi-turn angle stops and replaced with new quarter-turn angle stops. Installed the customer-supplied faucet, and kitchen sink strainer, as well as a garbage disposal system. Opened the old clean out under the kitchen sink and fastened an adapter in order to make that the new drain, and plugged the previous drain to be used as the new clean out. At this time water was restored to the home, and water heater was turned back on. Connected drain piping and tested for leaks by load testing the system by filling the sink and allowing water to drain three times. No leaks were present.

Jake P.

Jake P. Job Checkin

I shut down the water and replaced the cartridges for the hot and cold Roman tub valve. I installed owner supplied trim handles. * Valve and trim don’t match. CPI is not responsible for any damages caused by the existing valve and trim. * No warranty on existing plumbing system.