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Stephen O.

Stephen O. Job Checkin

Arrived on site to pure dry wanting us to remove furnace. Talked with crew lead and he had noted he wanted it removed and reinstalled in same day. Was unable to remove furnace do to needing a new base. Gave pure dry the option to attempt to remove only furnace without touching basecan but on site crew member said basecan would have to be removed to complete dry wall removal. Gave customer pricing for removal of unit and reinstalling existing unit with no warranty due to age and condition of unit. Emailed crew lead estimate and gave rough time frame of when work could be potentially done. Will order parts when customer signs off on estimate. Took measurements of furnace and existing ductwork in order to properly order needed parts. Thank you for choosing CPI Plumbing and Heating.

Brenden T.

Brenden T. Job Checkin

Arrived onsite per customer complaint of their water heater leaking. Upon arrival I found water to be leaking from the bottom of the tank. Offered customer a couple different options. Customer accepted pricing to replace the water heater. Began by shutting off the water to the home. Provided and installed a new 3/4” ball valve. Turned water back onto home testing for leaks none were found. I then drained the old tank and disconnected the required connections. Removed old tank. Provided and installed a new 50 Gallon Natural Gas Water Heater. Connected hot and cold lines. Installed a new expansion tank. Installed new body straps. Connected T&P. Connected venting. Installed new drip leg for the gas and electronically sniffed for leaks none were found. Soap tested each individual fitting no leaks present. Turned on water to the tank bleeding the air as required. Fired up the water heater insuring the customer had hot water upon leaving. Checked for water leaks none were found. Showed cus

Brannigan B.

Brannigan B. Job Checkin

The water leak is from the temperature and pressure relief valve off the hot water tank it is dumping into the crawlspace it is not piped outside like it should be, it is part of the old system that was not replaced during the remodel 2 years ago, it is a 10 year old Bradford white 50 gallon propane hot water heater gave options

Brenden T.

Brenden T. Job Checkin

Arrvied onsite per customer request of getting a price for new heat pump. Upon arrival Dan showed me around the house and where his equipment was located. Upon arrival I provided a few different options to Dan. Dan elected to go with a replacement of his furnace. Let Dan know that once we get the material in we would be calling to get him on our schedule for the installation of the furnace. At this time I collected half down. July 28th 2021 Completed installation of gas furnace. Confirmed operation of unit. Filter size is 20x20x1. Programmed thermostat. Provided customer with all manuals, and warranty information. Thank you for choosing CPI Plumbing and Heating Inc.

Chris A.

Chris A. Job Checkin

Customer called in for emergency after hours service for a leaking prep sink faucet. Arrived on site and inspected the issue. The faucet is leaking at the spout connection, and from a set screw on the back of the faucet. The leak at the set screw is spraying onto the wall behind the faucet causing damage to the wall, and to the adjacent business. Provided pricing to attempt to repair the leak. The customer accepted. Removed the faucet spout and set screw. Lubricated and sealed the set screw and spout connection. The set screw is no longer leaking and water is no longer being sprayed onto the wall. The spout connection shows signs of corrosion and is still dripping into the sink basin when water is being used. The faucet is in need of a replacement spout and gasket. CPI Plumbing and Heating will provide pricing to make the needed repairs. Pricing will be provided via email and once approved parts will be ordered. Thank you for choosing CPI Plumbing & Heating!

Coady P.

Coady P. Job Checkin

Performed safety and maintenance inspection as per agreement. Flushed and drained water heater. Tested all fixtures. Hallway bathroom toilet fill valve was not operating properly and was slow to fill. Emergency shutoff was leaking also. Shut off water to home and drained system. Performed precision rebuild on hallway toilet including new fill valve, flapper, water supply and emergency shutoff. Turned water back on and bled air out of hosebib. Tested repairs and set water level in toilet. Customers emergency shutoffs should be replaced in near future to avoid water damage. Hosebib in back hyard leaks under pressure. J

Jake P.

Jake P. Job Checkin

I performed the safety and maintenance inspection on the plumbing system. The current hot water temperature is approximately 145 degrees. I highly recommend turning the water heater temperature down. The upstairs toilet is not flushing properly and needs repairs made inside the tank. The water piping in the home is both pex and cpvc. I recommend removing all cpvc water pipe and replacing it with pex.