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Aaron E.

Aaron E. Job Checkin

Arrived to provide estimates for heat pump system. Customer had a furnace and indoor coil installed by another company back in 2016. Took measurements of equipment and took pictures as needed. Will need to discuss options with management and email customer estimates at a later time. Thank you for choosing CPI Plumbing and Heating!

Chris A.

Chris A. Job Checkin

Arrived at customers home. I spoke to the homeowner about her kitchen faucet. Whenever you would turn the faucet off with the handle in the center up position the handle would slowly lower, turning water back on. After initial examination of the faucet I saw that it had a set screw on the bottom of the handle. I attempted to tighten the set screw but it was already tight. The homeowner said that she would potentially like to buy a new kitchen faucet. I showed her the faucets that we carry on our trucks and told her about the ones that we don’t carry with us on the trucks. She does not want to have the work done at this time. Thank you for choosing CPI Plumbing and Heating!