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Tyler R.

Tyler R.

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Upon arrival I began the AC tune up. At arrival the unit was not cooling the home. The homeowner told me he shut it off because the coil was freezing over and it had ice on the suction line. It was all melted when I arrived and the temp in the house was at 85 degrees. I turned the system on and checked the temperatur split and the refrigerant charge. Temp split(delta t) was at 25 degree split which is within manufacturer specs. The refrigerant charge didn’t look right. It’s running on a piston but the superheat was reading very low at 2 degrees and the coil temp was showing at 40 degrees and the house temperature was dropping while I was here. It came down 3 degrees to 82 degree at departure. The plenum on the furnace had a lot of tape on it holding some metal pieces together and I could feel air seeping out from the plenum and in turn the ai wasn’t blowing through the vents hard enough. I believe once we get that plenum secured, our charge and temp split will change and if we need to