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Arrived at customers house for system Check. On arrival customer showed me to air handler in hallway. Open cabinet doors inspected inside. Sawdust on blower wheel, and electric cabinet. Under the evaporator coil with beginning to have hair lint and dust coverage towards the top. Suggested an In-Place cleaning with the customer. Turn on unit. Unit was giving out proper delta-t. Next went outside to condenser. Hooked up gauges and all pressures and readings were of satisfactory range. Opened up electric portion and capacitor was of acceptable range. Contactor had proper voltage sending through. Unit was over a on start up. Brought this to customers attention and suggested a hard start kit. Customer agreed and had me install it. Unit now starting off much smoother. Next customer had me go in attic and check out ductwork. Found 4 by 8 crushing duct to Kitchen. Customer is not getting adequate are to back bedroom. Currently a six inch flex that he would like upgraded to an eighth and would