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Jake K.

Jake K.

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Good afternoon, today I was here and completed your quarterly pest control service visit. After speaking with you briefly inside, I placed five mouse bait stations in the basement in all four rooms along the foundational ledge up top. We will continue to monitor each station during our quarterly visits. I added one new exterior rodent bait station on the exterior of the building next to the front door. There are two white flaps that open up into a entry point into the basement, the bait station was placed inside of the white flaps so that no customers would be visibly see the station. Lastly I applied a liquid treatment along the foundation where applicable. I noticed next to the ac units, there were multiple areas where tubes and pipes were entering the building, I did my best to seal one of the gaps with copper mesh wire but would advise you to run to the local hardwood store and look into different sealants you could use to seal those gaps. This would help bring down any mice activi