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Sherman H.

Sherman H.

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Good afternoon, today I was here to perform your quarterly pest control service and termite inspection for premium plus upgrade. I inspected the interior mouse bait stations under oven, under sink and in between washer/dryer showing no activity. The bait stations in the basement on sill plate at bottom of stairs show no activity and other stations on the floor around perimeter showed minimal activity. The exterior station in the front shows minimum activity, the station on the right side behind air conditioning unit shows moderate activity and the station in the back showed minimal activity. I replenished all with fresh bait to continue monitoring and controlling rodent population. I also applied a liquid non-repellent solution to the exterior foundation, doorways and windows carefully avoiding dog toys and other personal items. This is targeting ants and other general pests trying to enter this time of year. No termite activity observed during today’s inspection of the interior and ex