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Christopher  C.

Christopher C.

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Leak inside wall of kitchen Wall is made of wooden slats will have to remove to repair leak made customer aware that wood will most likely brake when I pull it apart customer will be responsible for repair to wall After getting customer approval I removed two boards and cut open sheet rock and found that a nail was shot into water line when home was built 5 years ago boards where very easy to remove upon customers request I remove boards from top of door to bottom of door and found that nails were shot all the way up and down into waterline waterline shifted to the left at the top and all nails missed it at no extra charge went a head and replaced about 8 foot of three-quarter pex with two three-quarter couplings after pipe was repaired turned water back on and found no other leaks homeowner will be calling the insurance company so I left the old pipe here so they would have that to show them