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Ashley B.

Ashley B. Job Checkin

Commercial Refrigerated Prep Table Repair. A refrigerated prep table was struggling to maintain cool temperatures. Our technician located and repaired a refrigerant leak, followed by a thorough recharge. The table was now preserving food at optimal temperatures, fostering a safe kitchen environment.

Service C.

Service C. Job Checkin

Verified customer's concern, Reach-In Cooler compressor was not running because thermostat was turned to high, I adjusted thermostat and compressor came on but unit was not cooling, Customer okay-ed me Installing piercing valves to check refrigerant, Found unit to be low on refrigerant, I recharged with factory amount of 134A and unit started to cool, I checked condenser unit for leaks and found none, I checked evaporator with leak detector and got a hit for a leak, unit will need a new evaporator, customer would like evaporator ordered and replaced, you can get in building from 8am-4pm Monday through Friday by going through office. 4/30/19 Installed new evaporator system and drier and temperature control. Vacuumed and recharged unit after leak checking welds. waited for unit to get below 40.