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Emmanuel  L.

Emmanuel L. Job Checkin

MOD. NO.4TTR6060N1000AA SERIAL NO. 234912W9KF Condenser fan top has a dent.

joshua k.

joshua k. Job Checkin

Completed maintenance, blower motor amps are good, saw a little bit of growth, left customer with estimate, drain pan is dry and line is clear, condenser is clean, amps on compressor are good, fan motor amps are good, capacitors were getting low, changed them out, unit cooling good at this time

Emmanuel  L.

Emmanuel L. Job Checkin

Performed ac maintenance on 2 systems. One split gas in attic. That furnace is 2017 xc80 with a 3 year old coil and a 2017 xv18 condenser. Cooling great. Installed new filter. The back room heat pump is 2010. Coil has rust but no signs of refrigerant leak today. Filter 20x20x4 needs to be replaced asap. Condenser has 35+5 mfd capacitor within its tolerance and a start assist kit is installed. Cooling great.

Samuel H.

Samuel H. Job Checkin

Completed fall maintenance visit Only recommendation is continual maintenance please see pictures attached

Joel S.

Joel S. Job Checkin

AC performance tune up times one system. Filter is okay at this time. System is a 2017 model. It is a builder's grade 14 seer. Heat pump. My readings and pressures are in the invoice.

Justin S.

Justin S. Job Checkin

Checked flame sensors and ignighters, replaced filters and performed co test as well as inspected flu pipe and blower motors

Bob E.

Bob E. Job Checkin

Making texas happier, one customer at a time.

Jeff S.

Jeff S. Job Checkin

Performed maintenance on 2 systems, no cracks detected or gas leaks found. Heat pump reversing valve, refrigerant levels, run capacitors are good. Everything is operating properly. Also renewed Gold membership for 2 systems.

Francisco  S.

Francisco S. Job Checkin

Perform 2 systme maintenance checked pressures and split heat pump systme checked out good. Gas furnace system is a low on refrigerant conducted a electronic leak search found leak in evaporator coil system is still on warranty with Trane pics of model # and serial number of coil in service titan

Jason D.

Jason D. Job Checkin

Left side system Inducer fan motor- .18 Inducer fan motor capacitor- 3.9 Blower motor amps-1.98 Blower motor capacitor-NA Air proving switches- ok High temp limit switch- Ok Gas valve- operational CO LEVELS- Ok Filter- Changed Igniter ohms- 49 Ductwork- looks good Flame sensor- Ok Flame looks good Tighten all electrical connections Control board- Ok Thermostat- Ok Recommend a surge protection and ATTIC EVALUATION. Right side system Electric heat strips- 19.7 Blower motor-2.01 Contactor-Ok Tightened all electrical connections Controls- Adjusted airflow on each system due to loud registers and velocity of. Fm from the vents.