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Scott came to our house and stated that he would adjust and repair 3 toilets that were not flushing properly for $99.00 per toilet and then charged another $99.00 for replacing a bad flapper (replacement provided to him - flapper from Fluidmaster 400 model). Left house and toilets not working - in same condition as when he first came. Called him back and he stated that he would call back on Monday and when nobody called I called on Tuesday, only to get a voice mail tat couldn't leave message. Called Home Advisor who recommended him and they tried to contact - got same message. Spoke to Ameriseve one week later and the agreed to come out. Came out and told me that I need to replace my toilets. Toilets don't need to be replaced - not cracked all were working till we replaced fill valve a flappers. Told that we bought bad replacement parts (not Fluidmaster) but states Fluidmaster on the parts. They did nothing to fix the problem - essentially said my husband who is sick agreed to the plan.

Response from AmeriServe Inc:

Hi, Scott From Ameriserve here. Ameriserve loves all their clients and strives to provide amazing service to all our client, we even go above and beyond. We did receive a call from Helen about her sewer line being clogged and none of here three toilets were working. We I arrived at Helens house she was not present but her Husband was (what a great guy). He showed me the clogged drain I told him the fee to unclog the drain and he said do it. After unclogging the drain he asked me to look at some toilets that were not working.. We went to the first toilet on first floor and there was waste all over the floor and the toilet was clogged and the water in toilet was running onto the floor. I removed the lid to the toilet and all the parts inside the tank were brand new (customers parts). I asked who installed all these new parts, he told me the had a house quest from Europe who was visiting and replaced all the parts in the toilet. Well when I looked into the tank of the toilet the toilet flapper was not installed properly and when you flushed to toilet the handle did not lift the flapper so they could not flush the toilet, The handle was broken and dangled inside the toilet tank. The automatic fill valve was not adjusted properly and the water ran constantly. The fill valve leaked at the water connection and was running on the floor. The toilets were old full of calcium build up in the trap way and did not flush properly. I turned to the Man of the house these toilets are shot and need to be replaced. He said I cant afford that and asked if there was anything I can do to help him out. Hearing his story about having cancer and all the problems he was having. I said look, I will do what I can to help I will go around and adjust all you toilets and do the best I can to get them working. I also cleaned up the waste and toilet in the first floor bathroom. All three toilet were shot and all the parts were installed wrong and leaking. The fill valve in the second floor toilet was 12" high and adjusted all the way down (parts they bought and had installed by a house guest from Europe). Being they bought the wrong parts the fill valve was too tall and when you put the toilet tank lid on it would not fit and was crooked. I told the man of the house this was all wrong and gave him options to replace parts or replace toilets. He said no to having toilet parts replaced or having new toilets installed. I was all done un-clogging the drain and adjusting three toilets and cleaning waste off the floor when the wife came home. I explained everything to the wife looked of other repairs they needed. I collected the bill from Helen and left with the understanding of coming back on Tuesday to make other repairs. We were unable to make other repairs on Tuesday because of how busy we were and did not show up. We were just at her home today 04/25/19. Helen said that she wanted all her toilet fixed correctly, I gave Helen a Price to fix toilets correctly and to replace them. She said no she wants us to replace the parts with correct parts at our expense because she already paid to have the toilets adjusted. I said excuse me!! you bought all the wrong parts, had them installed by a house guest from Europe who flooded out all three of your bathrooms and got blue toile dye all over the floors and walls and you want me to warranty that. I said sorry you will have to pay for additional service. Helen said I'm not paying you for parts when I can buy them myself for $20/$30 each myself. I said Helen isn't that what got you in this mess in the first place. Helen you a beautiful person and It was a pleasure meeting you..