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Chris helped us in the cold

Chris helped us in the middle of the night to determine why the furnace would not heat the house. He came at 10p from Castle Rock to Federal Heights to help us. He ordered the parts needed and returned at 10a the next morning to repair the furnace. We were warm again by 11a. the following day. We appreciate his concern for us and his warm demeanor and respect. Thank you Chris

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for federal heights, co

Pete M.

Pete M. Job Checkin

No work performed. Estimates to be emailed separately.

Austin P.

Austin P. Job Checkin

Electrical safety inspection

Travis P.

Travis P. Job Checkin

Gave estimates to change out risers and stops. Did inspection for plumbing on home.

Chris  M.

Chris M. Job Checkin

Chris M came out due to no heat. Performed diagnostic. Found error code 4 which stated high limit switch. Tested and found we volts across the limit switches. Reset the furnace. Furnace came on started to go through process of lighting. Got to gas valve to turn on. Gas valve would not allow gas to flow through. Tested incoming and got incoming gas pressure. Checked voltage to gas valve. Getting 24 volts. Gas valve is faulty and recommend replacement. The control board is becoming faulty and is recommended to be replaced. The high limit switch has been tripped and is recommended to be replaced. Providing customer with options. Got permission to perform work. Wants to try to get financing. Customer got approved for financing. Submitted transaction. Going to have to come back in the morning with components and fix furnace when we can get proper components. Need to place job on hold. Will need to continue again first thing in morning to find parts and get customer heat again. Chris M came

Jim W.

Jim W. Job Checkin

40 gallon, 40,000 BTU with a 3 inch flue vent. Current codes will require a 40 gallon 36,000 BTU water heater to current plumbing code due to vent size. Model number MI40T6FBN serial number GL14214233. Tank is approximately 11 years old. Original manufacture warranty on the tank is six years. Gas control valve number WV884081000. No pilot at time of arrival. Relit pilot, burner fired up and ran for approximately three minutes and then went into fault mode five flashes and three second pause thermostat well/sensor fault. Provide a complementary water heater replacement option and optional gas control valve replacement option. Return trip Monday, December 13, 2021: furnish and install new gas valve at water heater. 2 year labor and material warranty. No warranty on pilot assembly and tank. Paid by cash. Observed $50 coupon on Terry’s phone.