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Travis P.

Travis P. Job Checkin

Customer had excessive water pressure coming into home. Also expansion tank had failed on 2 year old water heater. Explained that a prv is needed for home. Customer also bought a platinum service plan. Checked for quality with customer. Replaced expansion tank also dip tube on water heater.

Tomas M.

Tomas M. Job Checkin

Repaired Water Leak on 3/4 Galvanized Line. Paid in full with check #12227. Tech: Tomas.

Christopher  R.

Christopher R. Job Checkin

Chris Rosales came out to inspect furnace ad quote customer on new Humidifier. Customer only wants a furnace tune up at this time. Customer signed up for Gold Membership. Customer paid $199.00 on a credit card.

Kate D.

Kate D. Job Checkin

Kitchen remodel - R10210 - Anna job**For SMW use only**

James G.

James G. Job Checkin

Secondary and main Ran cable and at then 50ft mark I was hitting a very hard obstruction. The line came back with roots. I ran the cable again and the same hung happened and pulled back roots. The third time the cable hit the 50ft mark, but came back with no roots. Brad is scheduled for tomorrow morning camera inspection

Jazper V.

Jazper V. Job Checkin

Toilet auger Northglenn

Dalibor P.

Dalibor P. Job Checkin

Electrical service- change out existing smoke and carbon detectors

Jim W.

Jim W. Job Checkin

Left message and callback number for Marjorie for approval for this task,. Waited 15 minutes for a return call. Will reschedule after approval. Left message and callback number for Marjorie for approval. Waited 15 minutes and did not receive a call back. Will reschedule after receiving approval. Return trip Thursday, August 19: pull existing toilet from hall bathroom and remove from premises. Found a stainless steel repair ring secured to the floor slightly offset from center line of drain and held down with rusted screws and washers. Removed this ring and installed a new centered and secured closet flange. Furnish and install Toto Comfort Height toilet. Five-year labor and material warranty. Office has payment information via prior Telephone scheduling. Please mail a hard copy of the invoice to Marjorie and Gene.

Ryan  S.

Ryan S. Job Checkin

Diagnosed blower motor needs replaced. Ordered through carrier. Has a 2 yr part and labor. Re diagnosed and found control board failed as well as blower motor. Control board not charged for on this ticket.

Mark  P.

Mark P. Job Checkin

Open winding on compressor. 20 year old system. Recommend a free estimate on a new system.

Chris  M.

Chris M. Job Checkin

Chris McQuistion came out due to no cool. Performed diagnostic. Found system to be flat. Found that the indoor coil was leaking refrigerant. System is only 6 yrs old. Gave customer option of replacing indoor coil. Got permission to perform work. Had to order coil and return next Wednesday to replace. For the time being gave customer 6 lb of r410@ refrigerant to keep cool until we can come back and replace indoor coil. Scheduled to come back Wednesday the 23rd of June. Ordered coil to be delivered to shop. Chris McQuistion came back with correct components. Started by shutting off system. Recovered refrigerant into condenser. Cut out old indoor coil. Replaced with brand new indoor coil. Replaced all pvc drain lines from indoor coil. Brazed in line set. Wrapped up copper piping with insulation and installing TVs on outside suction line correctly. Went outside and nitrogen tested 300 psi at 15 minutes. Held nitrogen test. Next began vacuuming down system to 500 microns. Held decay test fo

Jon  W.

Jon W. Job Checkin

Furnace service in Northglenn

Jon  W.

Jon W. Job Checkin

Furnace service in Northglenn

Todd S.

Todd S. Job Checkin

Cloogged toilet