8955 E Nichols Ave #200
Centennial, CO 80112
(303) 757-5661

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Chris  M.

Chris M. Job Checkin

Chris M came out due to no heat. Performed diagnostic. Found hot surface igniter has failed. Found that the induction fan motor is failing due to the bearing noises coming from the motor. Took amp draw on induction motor as well. Providing customer with options. Got permission to perform work. Went and grabbed oem hot surface igniter from carrier supply house. Came back with proper component. Took old hot surface igniter out. Installed with new hot surface igniter. Went to test system. Found dirty flame sensor. This was probably the cause of the igniter failure. Cleaned flame sensor. Retested system. Found only one to two of the burners lighting and not functioning all the way. Cleaned burner assembly. Retested system. System is heating and operational at this time according to manufacture specifications. 2 years parts and labor warranty on repair made today. Customer paid in full on cc.

Rustin J.

Rustin J. Job Checkin

Retested as I filled out paperwork improperly. Pass.

Rustin J.

Rustin J. Job Checkin

Tested 3/4 watts RP in NW corner of building. All shut offs and check valves operating properly. Pass

Jay H.

Jay H. Job Checkin

Upon arrival, clients water heater was leaking from shark bite flex supply lines. Unit is from 2015. Went over different options from repair to replacement. Client authorized me to just repair for now. Shut water off to water heater, drained it down some. Removed hot and cold shark bite flex lines. Installed new stainless flex lines, soldered in. Had to loop cold supply because of lack of space. Turned water on, purged air from system at all points of use. Tested and everything working properly. 1 year warranty parts and labor. Emailed estimates to client for replacement in future.