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Dan E.

Dan E. Job Checkin

Furnace clean and tune. Cycled system. Checked heat exchanger. Found all chambers have rust and corrosion. No visible cracks found. Checked adjusted gas pressures to maximize efficiency. Checked, removed, and cleaned burners and flame sensor. Checked and tightened electrical connections and clamps. Cleared drain lines. Preformed combustion test and found normal levels in exhaust. No CO found in airstream. Average life expectancy for this unit is 14 years. This system is well over that time period. This system is operating normal at this time but future failure is expected. Job complete.

Mark P.

Mark P. Job Checkin

Installed gas furnace

Craig W.

Craig W. Job Checkin

Completed gas furnace replacement. Disconnected and removed old furnace. Set the new furnace on blocks and reconnected the gas, electric, pvc vent piping and the ductwork. Ran new drain tubing for furnace and AC drains to the floor drain. Run tested the furnace but will still need a technician start up. Thank you for choosing Black-Haak Heating. Please take a moment to fill out our online survey.