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Great service, awesome price

Cody was wonderful. Kept me informed as he did his maintenance. Was very professional.

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Craig W.

Craig W. Job Checkin

Found the intake side of the HRV to be condensing at the pipe coming in through the exterior wall. The 6” pipe wasn’t well insulated and warm air was getting in between the flex and hard pipe and condensing. I cut out the wet portion of the 4” flex, and replaced it along with the 6” flex that wasn’t really protecting the pipe. Also found the the damper in the intake hood was never removed to allow fresh air into the home. I removed the damper and showed them how to access and clean the HRV filter. Thank you for choosing Black-Haak Heating and Electric. Please take a moment to fill out our online survey.

Kody W.

Kody W. Job Checkin

Performed geo clean and tune. The geo is operating properly and is providing 36,000 btu of heat. Also installed a new filter.

Corey J.

Corey J. Job Checkin

Checked valves adjusted rear valves on cylinder #1. Collect payment for maintenance.

Kody W.

Kody W. Job Checkin

I was here to replace the thermostat. The existing thermostat had battery acid leak into it. I mounted and wired up the new thermostat. Configured thermostat to the geo unit. I connected the thermostat to the home WiFi and showed David how to use the thermostat and how the app works. The thermostat and geo unit are working properly.

Kody W.

Kody W. Job Checkin

I performed a geothermal clean and tune. During the cleaning I found the geo was locked out on low refrigerant pressure. I checked the pressure in the system. It was empty. I filled the unit with nitrogen to find a leak. Found a brazed joint was leaking. I rebrazed the joint. Pressure tested system. It held pressure. Pulled unit in a vacuum. Added the factory charge of refrigerant. Cycled the unit and tested the performance. During the clean and tune I wiped out and dusted the unit. Tested electrical components and checked wiring. Cleaned drain pan and drain Line. Checked flow center, the water level is good. Checked the temperature rise it was at 26. The unit is producing 32010 btus of heat which is good. The repair is covered under parts and labor warranty. The geo unit is operating.

Brad G.

Brad G. Job Checkin

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