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dispatch@chromeairconditioning.com Job Checkin

Facilities manager explained that they just had annual testing for fire inspection and company that did the inspection and testing had some smoke detectors in units not working properly. Had Facilities manager put the building in test mode. Tested units smoke detectors. Rtu 6 doesn't have a smoke detector in it. There was at one time but has been removed. Wires to controls module is there but not smoke detector ( wires are wire knutted together). Rtu6 needs a smoke detector per code. Rtu19 wasn't shutting down. Found jumper on package unit control board was clipped. When using a smoke detector jumper needed to be clipped so smoke detector can drop out 24 volts to board and system will shutdown. Clipped jumper and tested smoke detector. Smoke detector is shutting down unit properly now. Other units listed in notes are shutting down correctly. Reset all units.

Josh M.

Josh M. Job Checkin

Found tee outside cracked and leaking. Replaced and tested tee 7nder warranty. All is working properly at this time.


Nathanr@chromeairconditioning.com Job Checkin

Customer canceled at door due to not having enough money to add the proper amount of Freon to system. Customer wanted us to add $150 worth of Freon to system every month. Customer also wants us to fix broken thermostat. Explained to customer the system will always run and never shut off due to not having any Freon in system.

Jorge R.

Jorge R. Job Checkin