521 J PL 625
Plano , TX 75074

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Jeremy P.

Jeremy P. Job Checkin

Air Conditioning Repair for a residential homeowner in Krugerville. Upon arrival found the system turned off. Homeowner stated that she’s had multiple problems with the air conditioner, one being that they’ve had to put Freon in the system and an issue with the fan motor. Checked inside the unit and opened up coil. Found that there was a pool of oil from the refrigerant in the drain pan for the coil. Checked outdoor pressures and they were extremely low. The coil is under warranty and wants it replaced.

Kelly Y.

Kelly Y. Job Checkin

Upon arrival found system not cooling. Checked outdoor unit and found that the fan motor was running but compressor was not running. Found that the system had a bad capacitor. Replaced capacitor and system came on. Checked pressures and they were good. System is now cooling properly at this time. Capacitor replaced under warranty.