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Paul A.

Paul A. Job Checkin

Preventative maintenance on a Weil McLain aqua-balance combi style high efficiency boiler. Cleaned out heat exchanger, installed new firewall insulated disc, replaced flame sensor/igniter and also replaced gaskets for various components per manufacturer instruction. Cleaned trap, tested condensate pump. Heating limit set to 190. Domestic water set to 125. Verified proper water pressure. Combustion analysis CO 8 PPM. Verified all (4) zones are working. System operating properly upon completion of maintenance service. ***Note-some “banging” noises will occur due to finned tube baseboard copper expansion and contraction.*** Weil McLain M#AB-120-C, S#1913L60027, CP7509520. ***Annual maintenance kit-S AB Annual Maintenance 80-120 P/N-640000114. Collected quoted price for PM HT w/annual maintenance kit.

Frank B.

Frank B. Job Checkin

Customer called for lower level not maintaining set temperature at thermostat. Upon inspection I found the zone valve working properly as well as the boiler but the boilers high temperature was low compared to what it should be. Had to change boiler curve settings to improve the max heating temperature. The numbers in the control were set wrong in correlation to the outdoor temperature sensor. System is now functioning properly at this time.

Keith R.

Keith R. Job Checkin

Performed air duct cleaning and sanitation. All vents and ductwork are clear of dust and debris at this time. Unit is not functional and being replaced. Recommend duct cleaning every 2-3 years. Thank you for your business!

Paul T.

Paul T. Job Checkin

Came out today for a leaking furnace. Upon inspection I found that the air filter was installed incorrectly. I replaced the air filter, checked the drain line and drain pan. The temperature split is was at a 13. I connected my gauges and noticed that the system was low on refrigerant. I added 2 lbs of nu-22 and now the temperature split is at a 19. This is an old amana system. My recommendation is to replace the system due to its age. The system is extremely loud at the furnace and the condenser is rusted through. I expressed my concerns about the age of the system and the homeowner declined to get an estimate for a new one.

Paul T.

Paul T. Job Checkin

Came out today for a heat pump not operating. Upon inspection I found that the breaker was tripped. I rest the breaker and plugged the disconnect back in and the breaker tripped right away. I could not get the chance to take an amp draw. I recommend that the homeowner call an electrician to replace the breaker. If the problem continues after the breaker is replaced then it is possible that the compressor has a locked rotor. Recommend replacing the heat pump.