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River G.

River G.

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Performed plumbing and maintenance inspection. When I arrived on site Mr. Brown showed me an outside hose bib that has a leak even when fully closed. Mr. Brown also showed me a leek in the upstairs powder room sink that is only on the hot side. I recommend replacing bad hose bib and a diagnostic on powder room sink to find out why it is leaking. I began the inspection by checking the incoming water temperature and pressure. The incoming water pressure was at about 68 PSI. The temperature was checked at all bathroom and kitchen faucets and came out at or below 130 degrees. I performed inspection Bradford white water heater. I tested all components of Water heater which all performed at great capacity. I drained water heater into Mr. Browns designated area. After draining and clearing water heater I refilled and purged the air and reset heat to previous settings. I checked all fixtures in all bathrooms, laundry room and kitchen all of which performed at great capacity except for the disc