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Sarah E.

Sarah E.

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Customer’s mainline is blocked affecting all bathroom fixtures on one side of the house. Customer would like us to send a camera down the roof vent to inspect and attempt to clear blockage through bathroom toilet. Customer has recently had his septic pumped and has not had a mainline stoppage at this home in his 10 years here. Customer had already pulled toilet and sent auger down the line and through the clean out in the basement. Will return with helper to get on the roof and send camera down the vent Monday or Tuesday of next week. Customer put down half of estimate to get on schedule. Return trip: 11/29 Returned to customer’s house and flushed the toilet several times while running the shower to recreate the issue. The toilet backed up after a couple of flushes. We removed the toilet and sent the camera down the line for inspection. At 14 feet we found a blockage consisting of toilet paper and possibly wipes. Sent the auger down the line and cleared the blockage. Reinserted the ca