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Brannigan B.

Brannigan B.

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Changed out the guts and all of the trim kit for both of the tub shower combination units from chrome fixtures with plastic candles to brush nickel with metal handles. Turn off the water to the house and cut into the 1 inch copper mainline soldered 1 inch packs adapters and ran 1 inch along the crawlspace ceiling over to the laundry sink where I drilled holes that the new 1 inch main shut off ran up through and back down. Now the whole house main shut off is located under the laundry sink. At the kitchen sink removed the faucet and the three hole cover plate in the far left hall installed a dishwasher airgap and ran new piping to connect airgap to the garbage disposal. Underneath the pedestal in the guest bath installed a new tubular P-trap and replaced the cold angle stop that was leaking as well as the supply line. Under the kitchen sink replaced the cold angle stop with a new double emergency stop and connected the new quarter inch braided steel flex supply that was routed through t