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River G.

River G.

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Replace 2nd Water Heater In Closet Performed work as proposed. Performed removal of the existing water heater. After the existing water heater was removed I cleaned the area of installation. The customer also needed a new gas shut off valve. Presented customer additional pricing to replace the gas shut off valve. After pricing was approved I shut off the gas to the home and replaced the gas shut off valve with a new one. I turned the gas back on to the home and tested for leaks. The shut off valve performed as designed and there were no leaks when last checked. Performed installation of the new water heater. The new water heater was installed with a new expansion tank, supply line and earthquake straps. After the water heater was installed I turned the water on and bled the air from the tank. I turned on the water heater and set the temperature to 120 degrees as per customer’s request. Performed leak test on the water heater with the customer. I checked for gas leaks with my gas sni