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River G.

River G.

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Performed Plumbing maintenance and safety inspection. When I arrived Mr. Goldfarb showed me his sink that was draining slowly. Mr. Goldfarb informed me that he had used a plunger to unclog his sink which he said seemed to have worked. I filled sink up to the top and let it drain. The drain worked at great capacity. Mr. Goldfarb then declined any drain cleaning and only wanted the inspection performed today. I performed the inspection starting by checking incoming water pressure and temperature. The pressure was at about 68 PSI. The incoming temperature was at or below 120 degrees. I then performed the inspection on the water heater. All components of the water heater performed at great capacity. I then drained and flushed water heater to clean out sediment. After the water heater was drained and flushed I refilled the tank and reset to owners previous temperature setting. I performed inspection on all other plumbing fixtures in the house. All plumbing fixtures in the kitchen, bathroom