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Davis C.

Davis C.

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Arrived onsite customer had a complaint of no heat. Customer informed me that the pilot light wasn’t even coming on. Presented pricing for a diagnostic. Repairs done in the past are currently out of warranty. Customer approved the diagnostic so I began the work. First I gave the unit a call for heat, discovered that the control board had an error code of two flashes, this means pressure switch stuck open. Checked all wire connections, checked the hose to the pressure switch and determined that the hose had been blocked by some sediment. Blew the sediment out and restarted the furnace. Furnace operated great after the sediment was blown out. Gave the unit 10 calls for heat and each time the unit fired up and worked correctly. The inducer motor was pulling 0.9 amps and is rated for a maximum of 1.05, the blower motor was pulling 6.2 amps and is only rated for a maximum of 5.5 fla. This means the blower motor is over working, this could be because supply and return registers are being b