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Taylor I.

Taylor I. Job Checkin

Technician Taylor arrived on scene to provide options for clients water pressure concerns. Technician arrived and met with new building manager christa. Building manager informed technician of a recent leak that occurred at the rear of the property that the buildings owner had hid handyman repair. Client showed photos of repair it appeared to be about 2 ft deep and 2" PVC. Technican will supply proposals for new install. Technician supplied proposal to building manager who said they would send it to the building owner. Technician asked if there was any other concerns and stated he was happy to inspect the sewer system or anything else on the building. Building manager declined to offer. Technician collected signatures and pulled off

Keaton R.

Keaton R. Job Checkin

- Shut water off to existing water heater and drain unit - Disconnect water supply and hot water feed to house - Remove existing 50 gallon water heater and dispose of unit - Transfer heater to local Home Depot and swap for new warranty provided heater - MAJOR coordination to warranty heater and swap - Install new water heater with manual water shut off valves - Modify water supply piping to account for various dimension changes - Water heater installed with water heater pan to catch any water leaks and redirect to exterior - Audible alarm installed to signal moisture detected - Expansion tank installed with new water heater to combat thermal water expansion - Manual emergency gas supply shut off valve installed - Start up sequence and fine tuning included

Samuel T.

Samuel T. Job Checkin

- Remove existing malfunctioning dishwasher - Verify drain line connections and water supply connections in good working order - Leave dishwasher out with fans in place 3-5 days to dry out effected area - Reset existing dishwasher in place and anchor to secure - Install new water supply line and drain hoses to ensure leak free and sealed - Connect electrical supply to dishwasher - Test unit by operating - Start up sequence and fine tuning adjustments included - Replace all shut off valves under sink (4 Valves) - Modify water supply piping under sink to include isolation valves for water filter - Install customer supplied water filter under sink - ***To return when area dried for dishwasher reinstallation***

Jeremy F.

Jeremy F. Job Checkin

Customer has a toilet from Australia that is leaking into the bowl and will not stop, upon diagnosis determined that the flapper is leaking. In order to get to the flapper the tank has to be removed, presented price and customer became agitated even after I provided her a veteran discount. #no After discussing the price I determined that this customer is obviously very disgruntled and gave her diagnosis fee back to her. Customer was provided a free diagnosis of why her toilet was leaking.

Scott P.

Scott P. Job Checkin

Performed diagnostic on system 23 yr old Goodman condenser. Found system low on refrigerant. Charged system with one pound, numbers got better. Just out of range need to add 2nd lb. added second lb of refrigerant and reinsulated lineset to condenser. System running ok at this time. Checked electrical and capacitor ok at this time. Client informed me there might be a leak in attic at plenum no easy access to attic, wants to address leak and possibly adding ducts to 1 room when does roof.