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Checking a couple of the A/C grilles that have condensation (sweating) on them. If you are having excessive grille condensation (sweating) this can be a common problem in South Louisiana. Don't panic the problem may be temporary. It may also be a sign of underlying HVAC system deficiencies and home envelop issues. Why would water form on my grilles anyway? In simplest terms warm moist air in the home or business is attracted to the cold surface of the grille and once the warm air is cooled it reaches the dew point and water forms on the cold A/C grille surface. This is the exact same thing that happens when you drink ice water out of a glass inside you home. The surface of the glass will develop water droplets. It's the same reason why you look for a beer huggy. What grilles tend to be most prone to condensation? Any grille in a bathroom, kitchen, or close to an exterior door. All these areas are prone to infiltration of warm humid air. What can I do to alleviate and