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Danny B.

Danny B. Job Checkin

No AC checked furnace first, found system running with no Air filter, so took a look at evaporator Coil to make sure it was clean, found to be clean, checked condenser, noticed compressor wasn’t coming on, opened up condenser and found compressor went into a thermal overload even though the unit was off all day, cooled down with water hose, fired unit back up checked pressure’s and noticed levels were extremely low, checked capacitor and found capacitor working fine. Recommend residential replacement due to age, system being low on refrigerant and compressor going into thermal overload.

Margaret M.

Margaret M. Job Checkin

Found base of water heater was leaking. Unit is 15 years old. Explained to customer, Hot Water Tank would have to be replaced. Water drip is not letting unit light up. Water was also coming out of the joints on top of unit, most likely as a result of water heater going cold. Turn the water off as a precaution on top of water heater.

Niheem H.

Niheem H. Job Checkin

Called out for a clogged kitchen sink drain. After snaking approximately 50’ into the drain line I ran water to test the waste flow. The sink is draining but slowly at times. The high pressure mini water jet is recommended to help remove grease from the pipe walls. Cleaned up and collected payment.

Juan Carlos A.

Juan Carlos A. Job Checkin

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