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Sam J.

Sam J.

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Sam J - spoke with customer upon arrival and discussed any issues with the system or air flow throughout the house. Customer explained that the system appeared to be running properly with good airflow in every room. The front bedroom which faces the sun gets a little warmer than other rooms, but the supply temperature was the same throughout the house. Tested thermostat operation, then began servicing system. Shut the power off to the condensing unit and cleaned the coil while also, checking the capacitor. Found a week run capacitor spoke with customer and he approved replacing the dual run capacitor. Powered up condenser and recorded start up amperage of the compressor. Also checked run load amps of the fan motor and compressor. While allowing the condenser to run and dry the coil, I moved into the attic to be in servicing the indoor unit, starting by replacing customer furnished 4” filter. Pulled door and check the coil for cleanliness, and to ensure there were no refrigeran