2330 Indian Springs Rd
Dudley, NC 28333
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Joshua W.

Joshua W. Job Checkin

Tech performed ESA, tech found heat exchanger is cracked, tech cut off gas so that heat can not run. Tech also noted evaporator coil is in rough shape. Tech spoke with customer about issues and called in field supervisor. Call turned over to mike.

Derek J.

Derek J. Job Checkin

Upon arrival tech was informed that homeowner had to spin the wheel by hand to get blower to start working. Tech jumped g to r and blower did come on but was loud. After about 3 mins blower stopped spinning and started to seize up. Tech could spin it by hand and get it going again. Recommend replacing whole system due to age and homeowner stating heat exchanger had a crack in it but homeowner only wanted to do blower motor for now. Tech replaced with universal blower and bracket and set fan speed on medium and installed new 7.5mfd capacitor with motor. Tech informed homeowner that system is good in cooling but would not heat very well due to condition on heat exchanger. System is back operational at this time.