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Rodney has wend above & beyond to help us , couldn't ask for anyone any better, Mike, Wayne, & Derek all very professional & helpful. They kept their worksite clean, removed all trash & was very mindful of keeping the floor clean on the inside. I appreciate their professionalism & ability to answer question & taking time with me & not making me feel like "just a number".

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Kenny C.

Kenny C. Job Checkin

Performed PTU, homeowner declined ESA. Tech found clogged condenser coils and failed dual run capacitor. Tech cleaned coils and replaced dual run capacitor. System is cooling properly at this time.

Luis R.

Luis R. Job Checkin

Customer stated unit does not keep up tech found condenser coil extremely dirty and clogged thermostat is set to 69 and satisfied at the moment tech did educate customer on maintenance plan customer wants 1 time tune up at $149 scheduled for Tuesday

Campbell  C.

Campbell C. Job Checkin

Tech found no difficulties at this time. Homeowner extend PSA 1 year.

Brandon M.

Brandon M. Job Checkin

Performed preventative maintenance on your ac unit. As we strive to provide the best service for our customers. We would like to hear your feedback on our technician that performed your maintenance. Look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you for your business.

Kyle W.

Kyle W. Job Checkin


Joshua W.

Joshua W. Job Checkin

Customer reported system not running at all. Tech found 3 amp fuse inside air handler to be blown. Tech also found drain line not connected to air handler. Does not appear to have enough down slope to drain. Would require installation of an EZ trap and condensate pump. There is already a working 120 volt outlet next to air handler. Air handler is also not level. It slopes away from drain and is sitting on two wooden boards. Would need two techs and some bricks to level. Tech disconnected all low voltage wiring from defrost board and found R and C had continuity. Defrost board is shorted. Dual run capacitor 45/5uf is reading 7 uf on HERM side. Jerry confirmed 5 year warranty still valid. Goes out this upcoming December. Tech also found continuity on thermostat wire between conductors. Tech recommends replacing thermostat wire to prevent low voltage fuse blowing. Thermostat wire runs ten feet from thermostat to air handler and 25 feet from air handler to outdoor unit. Would need two

Joshua W.

Joshua W. Job Checkin

Tech arrived and found power off to American Standard outdoor unit. Blower was running and thermostat was calling for cooling. No 4 flash hard lockout was present on arrival. Refrigeration condenser on the left side of building was frozen. Manager on duty will call refrigeration company that installed walk in freezer to look at frozen refrigeration condenser. Tech restored power to American Standard outdoor unit and monitored cooling pressures for ten minutes. Outdoor temp is 67 degrees. Indoor temp by thermostat is 68 degrees. Tech found sub cooling high. Tech switched to heating mode and found contactor pulled in all the time without a call. Tech replaced 2 pole 40 amp contactor for testing purposes and started outdoor unit in heat mode. Tech found system short cycling every few seconds on the high pressure switch. Tech confirmed normal blower operation. Found return side of indoor coil dirty. Tech cleaned it with power washer. After cleaning, outdoor unit is still short cycling in

Joshua W.

Joshua W. Job Checkin

Tech is servicing a Rheem split system.

Joshua W.

Joshua W. Job Checkin

Tech is servicing a Rheem split system.

Josh C.

Josh C. Job Checkin

Tech serviced and cleaned goodman package unit