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Jesse J.

Jesse J. Job Checkin

Tech returned to preform approved repairs. Tech replaced Condenser Fan Motors on Split Systems #1 and #2 and capacitors that were over amping during previous inspection. Systems are operating within specifications at this time. Tech also replaced Fan Capacitor on Split System #7. Tech has attached pictures of repairs and amp draws to invoice.

Percy M.

Percy M. Job Checkin


Jesse J.

Jesse J. Job Checkin

Tech preformed CMA INSPECTION on 11 Split Systems and 3 Mini Split Systems. Mini Split System #2 is still waiting on electrician to convert current disconnect from 120v to 240v. Tech checked with office and electrician is scheduled but did not give date. Tech recommends replacement of Condenser Fan Motor on Split Systems #1 and #2. Tech has attached estimates to invoice for cost of repairs. Tech also attached estimate for Split System #7 which is in need of a Fan Capacitor. Tech did find that Split Systems #1 through #5 ( new section units) did not have the low voltage for heat strips connected during installation. This challenge causes the systems not to operate in Auxiliary Heat mode and causes Defrost Mode not to operate properly. Cool mode and Heat mode operate correctly. Tech is unaware if this was intentional during installation that occurred in 2017. All 5 air handlers do have 3 phase power to disconnect. Tech does recommend removing heat strips for cleaning and connecting low v

Romario  T.

Romario T. Job Checkin

System #8Tech found the thermostat incorrectly wired, was not matching with the airhandler and outdoor unit, the outdoor unit has damaged thermostat wire, most of the wires are bad, airhandler does not have a heat strip kit, any sort of relays/board, 24v is supplied directly to the ECM motor. 16v was supplied to the outdoor unit on y and 6 on the reversing valve. Tech replaced a section of the thermostat wire for the outdoor unit to eliminate the physical damaged section to attempt to get the system to operate. Tech managed to find some wires and used them to operate the outdoor unit based on thermostat call. Thermostat wire is bad from the thermostat to the airhandler, to the outdoor unit, 2 techs are needed and approximately 55 feet of thermostat wire is recommended to be replaced. System is operating in cooling and heating for now, tech did speak with Jeff cup about the findings and approved today’s repairs and would like Estimate for 55 feet of wire replacement. Tech emailed the q

Anthony  B.

Anthony B. Job Checkin

Unit #6: Previous Main Hallway

Joshua C.

Joshua C. Job Checkin

Performed a full service maintenance on 3 Goodman package AC. Changed filters. Cleared drain lines.

Kevin B.

Kevin B. Job Checkin

Unit #9: Dining Room

Demarcus  M.

Demarcus M. Job Checkin

Unit #2: Bathroom/200 Hall

Jesse J.

Jesse J. Job Checkin

Tech returned to complete approved repairs. Tech installed new drain line on system #8 and added primary float switch per agreement. Tech replaced auxiliary float switch for system #8 aswell. System is back up and operating and draining correctly. Tech replaced condenser fan motors on systems # 4 & #10. Systems are operating correctly at this time. Tech also replaced blower capacitor and fan capacitor on system #11, system is operating correctly at this time. Tech replaced fan capacitors on systems #1, #3, & #5. Units are up and operating correctly at this time. Director asked tech to look at system #7, stating it was not cooling. Tech called office for approval to diagnose system while at location and was giving approval to proceed. Tech found condenser unit #7 not operating. Unit had low voltage call at contactor, but no high voltage was present. Tech traced loss of power back to disconnect were tech found there was no power to disconnect on line side. Tech checked main panel box but

Joseph C.

Joseph C. Job Checkin

Tech found unit number 10 on high-pressure lock out. Tech reset And tested unit operation to the best of ability due to rain. Refrigerant pressures appear to be within specs. Tech has a -20 delta t. Indoor and outdoor fan motor are working properly. No issues found at this time

Jesse J.

Jesse J. Job Checkin

Tech preformed CMA FULL SERVICE on 11 split systems and 3 mini splits systems. Tech has attached all performance reports to invoice along with recommended repairs. Tech has attached estimates for recommended repairs as well. Tech recommends replacing systems 6 and 9 and mini split #2 due age and cost of repairs.