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Spencer C.

Spencer C. Job Checkin

Tech found circuit 1 very low on refrigerant. Tech performed a leak search and found oil down evaporator coil and confirmed a leak with leak detector. Tech recommends replacing unit versus coil due to cost of repair and condition of equipment. RTU 1 kitchen unit. Field supervisor notified.

Adam T.

Adam T. Job Checkin

Heating Repair: The client sought our expertise due to persistent furnace shutdowns, expressing heightened safety concerns. Upon a thorough examination, we identified adjustments needed for the flame rollout switch. Our skilled technicians expertly addressed the issue by meticulously adjusting the flame rollout limit switch. This precise adjustment not only rectified the immediate concern but also guaranteed the ongoing safe and efficient operation of the furnace, providing the client with enhanced peace of mind and comfort through optimized safety measures.

Jesse J.

Jesse J. Job Checkin

Tech preformed CMA FULL SERVICE on 3 Gas RTU Systems, 2 Air Makeup units, and 6 Exhaust Fans. All Gas RTU Systems are operating within specifications. All 6 Exhaust Fans are operating. Both Air Makeup units are operating. Tech has attached system performance reports for RTU Systems to invoice along with pictures. Tech also left 1 case of filters ( 20x20x1) per CMA AGREEMENT. Manager requested they be left in office.