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Landen  H.

Landen H.

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Upon arrival customer stated neither system seemed to be keeping up with the heat. Upstairs - technician performed maintenance and while working on air handler discovered a leak in the evaporator coil, this seems to be the issue with the system not keeping up. No other challenges were found on this system. Collected 149 plus tax for this maintenance. Downstairs - technician turned down thermostat in order to get system to come on. When tech went around to package unit, it was not coming on. Technician checked voltage to the system and it was 245. Technician tested call from common to yellow compressor wire and it was good. However, when tech attempted to jump out system it would not come on. Technician alerted office and they will contact customer to schedule a senior technician. No tune up charged for this system. Technician collected 149 plus tax for this job.