2330 Indian Springs Rd
Dudley, NC 28333
(919) 734-9611

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Matthew L.

Matthew L. Job Checkin

Maintenance not here today. He is sick. Lockbox for thermostat 2 and door to AHU2 is locked. Staff has no other keys. Tstat 2 is set to FAN on and system off. Staff reported air handler was frozen the other day. Based on CMA tech notes and staff information, tech suspects tstat was running system in cooling mode for a prolonged period of time outside of design conditions during the low outdoor temperatures. Tech recommends opening a window in the hot room during the winter or setting a minimum cooling setpoint of 72 degrees on Honeywell thermostat 2. Outdoor unit not calling for operation from tstat and no access to AHU or tstat. Tech billed for service call. Let Jeff Cupp know about situation.

Jesse J.

Jesse J. Job Checkin

Tech preformed CMA INSPECTION on 4 Split Systems, 2 package units, 1 Air Makeup unit and 1 Exhaust Fan. Tech did find that Split Systems #1 and #2 had frozen evaporator coils. Tech found that thermostats were set to low temperatures and in cool mode with outside temperatures below 50 degrees causing evaporator coils to freeze up. Tech believes the power outage at facility that happened a few days prior to service caused the thermostats to reset to factory settings. Tech thawed coils to continue inspection. Tech also installed customer supplied batteries in thermostats to prevent this from happening again. Both systems are operating within specifications after evaporator coils where thawed. Package HP #6 ( kitchen ) was found to be low in refrigerant due to leak found in evaporator coil. Due to age of unit, Tech recommends replacing system. All other systems are operating within specifications at this time. Tech has attached SYSTEM PERFORMANCE REPORTS to invoice along with pictures.

Jacobo C.

Jacobo C. Job Checkin

Unit #4: Back Lobby/Offices/Hall

Dalton  B.

Dalton B. Job Checkin

Unit #3: Lobby/Front

Jesse J.

Jesse J. Job Checkin

Tech preformed CMA FULL SERVICE on 4 split systems and 2 package units 1 air makeup and 1 exhaust fan. Systems 3 and 4 are down due to various issues. Tech recommends replacing both systems. All other units are operating correctly at this time. Tech has attached system performance reports and pictures to invoice.