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Romario  T.

Romario T. Job Checkin

System #11 Found a blown transformer upon arrival. Tech replaced the transformer and noticed an intermittent short on a the low voltage wire, from the equipment. Tech corrected the short challenge and operated the system in heat for proper operation. Thermostat is back on and system operating. Tech spoke with Jeff Cupp and approved the repairs for today.

Donald  S.

Donald S. Job Checkin

Replaced evap coils on mini splits 4 and 5

Wayne  T.

Wayne T. Job Checkin

Unit #8: Front Lobby/Offices

Anthony  B.

Anthony B. Job Checkin

Unit #4: Activity Room

Jospeh A.

Jospeh A. Job Checkin

Tech replaced 4 fan run capacitors, one transformer, and one contactor. Tech was able to confirm system 5 is back operational at this time and is cooling. Tech also installed float safety switch on system 4, however upon inspection tech found a fault with system 4 smoke alarm and system will not pass power with alarm in circuit. Tech did confirm without smoke alarm system will run as designed. Tech left smoke alarm in circuit for safety concerns. Tech has attached pictures to this invoice.

Donald  S.

Donald S. Job Checkin

Tech replaced compressor for unit 9 System back to cooling. Replaced drain pan in unit 7 will need insulation for drain trap.

Jesse J.

Jesse J. Job Checkin

Techs preformed CMA FULL SERVICE on 14 split systems, 8 mini splits systems, 1 Air makeup, and 1 Exhaust Fan. Split System #8 and Split System #4 are down due to being void of refrigerant from leaking evaporator coils. Tech recommends replacing systems. Split System #9 is down due to compressor being shorted to ground. Tech recommends replacing compressor. Split System #5 is down due to low voltage short and failed transformer. Tech recommends locating short and replacing transformer. Split System #2 operates but has failed freeze stat interrupting compressor call. Recommend replacing freeze stat. Split System #7 operates but has crack in primary drain pan allowing water to leak into cabinet and auxiliary drain pan. Auxiliary pan float switch has failed, tech recommends replacing primary drain pan and auxiliary float switch. Split System #11 is down due to leak in line set and being void of refrigerant. Tech recommends replacing line set. Mini Split Systems #4 and #5 are not cooling pr