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Jesse J.

Jesse J.

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Techs preformed CMA FULL SERVICE on 14 split systems, 8 mini splits systems, 1 Air makeup, and 1 Exhaust Fan. Split System #8 and Split System #4 are down due to being void of refrigerant from leaking evaporator coils. Tech recommends replacing systems. Split System #9 is down due to compressor being shorted to ground. Tech recommends replacing compressor. Split System #5 is down due to low voltage short and failed transformer. Tech recommends locating short and replacing transformer. Split System #2 operates but has failed freeze stat interrupting compressor call. Recommend replacing freeze stat. Split System #7 operates but has crack in primary drain pan allowing water to leak into cabinet and auxiliary drain pan. Auxiliary pan float switch has failed, tech recommends replacing primary drain pan and auxiliary float switch. Split System #11 is down due to leak in line set and being void of refrigerant. Tech recommends replacing line set. Mini Split Systems #4 and #5 are not cooling pr