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Matthew L.

Matthew L. Job Checkin

Tech found 24 year old Trane gas pack not running due to a blown 30 amp fuse inside disconnect. Tech ohmed and megohmed compressor. Electrically, it checked fine. There was a discolored spade connector on red wire on compressed terminals. Tech put a new connector on the red wire and ensured tight connections. R22 head pressure is very high for a mild day. Compressor is rated at 20.6 amps. Capacitor is in specs. Compressor is currently pulling 17.7 amps. Tech recommends system replacement due to age and condition. Customer approved fuse and housecall. Decided to not have system cleaned immediately. As tech was cleaning up, fan motor bearings started squealing. Fan motor amp draw went up suddenly until motor stopped. Tech pulled disconnect. Quoted fan motor price from book. Customer declined all repairs and paid housecall. Customer says he was declined for financing for system replacement back in November. Left quotes on ServiceTitan and emailed to customer.

Adam T.

Adam T. Job Checkin

Multi-Zone Ductless Air Conditioner Installation: Responding to a customer's need for precise temperature control in various rooms, we installed a multi-zone ductless air conditioner. This system allows independent climate control in each room, providing tailored comfort and energy savings. The homeowner now enjoys a personalized and efficient cooling experience.

Spencer C.

Spencer C. Job Checkin

Tech found gas line turned off and inspected heat exchangers. Heat exchangers are very rusty but no holes. Tech explained that a dangerous crack could occur at any time. Tech also found open limit switch faults due to very corroded connections. Tech found only the first burner lighting due to corroded burners. Wires also corroded. Tech explained that he can get the unit going by replacing burners, but unit really needs to be replaced. Customer wants a sales appointment