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Romario  T.

Romario T.

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Tech verified prior diagnostics before moving forward with the repairs. Tech found the system to be 4.5lbs overcharged above factor charge (13lbs). line set is less than 25ft. Outdoor Piston was clean, indoor TXV, bulb secured. Tech adjusted the blower speed from a 2.5 ton to its corresponding 2 ton speed tab. Replaced the filter dryer, Pressurized the lines with nitrogen and purged it thru the system. Pulled vacuum below 500 microns. Tech charged the system with 9.6lbs of R410a refrigerant and added as needed while opera 2nd stage. Adjusted the refrigerant levels per the chart provided by carrier. Delta T of 19 degrees, system is removing humidity at a decent rate. Tested the system operation for an additional 20 minutes and pressures were stable based on temperature. System is back operating. Tech asked the home to monitor haw the system performs as hot weather approaches. Refrigerant levels may or may not need fine adjustments.