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Kenny C.

Kenny C. Job Checkin

Performed ESA, tech found leak inside evaporator coil in the downstairs unit. Tech took pictures of downstairs system including dual furnace and condenser. Video of leak should be uploaded as well as pictures. Homeowner would like to have field supervisor to give him a call to see what his best options are. Homeowner also extended PSA.

Spencer C.

Spencer C. Job Checkin

Tech found thermostat reading 70 with actual temp at 75. Tech recommends replacing thermostat. Tech replaced thermostat and insulated the hole behind the thermostat that was bringing in cold air. Thermostat is now showing the correct temperature. Tech tested in heat and cool modes and found AC not working and heat only working in Emergency Heat due to no high voltage at the condenser. Fuses were good, but disconnect not receiving voltage. Tech found the main breaker tripped. Tech turned it back on and found unit running, but could hear breaker popping and tech shut it back off. Tech recommended calling an electrician to determine if the breaker needs to be replaced. 3 pole commercial breaker. Manager has been notified.

Romario  T.

Romario T. Job Checkin

Tested both zones individually for heat for 20-25 minutes each, both damper motors opened and closed as they should, inspected the burners, flame sensor and igniter for proper operation. Found an insect blocking the bottom section of the burner, removed the insect and cleaned the burner and flame sensor. Checked gas pressure and found it to be slightly high for what the manufacturer recommends, turned down the pressure from 3.8inWc to 3.5inWc. Damper motor for upstairs made a clicking noise once when the zone was tested, tech advised to monitor the upstairs airflow. Tested the system upon departure and both thermostats were satisfied on set point. Tech recommended our ESA(maintenance agreement plan) and decided to invest in yearly PSA. Bljones0529@gmail.com

Matthew L.

Matthew L. Job Checkin

Tech found four permanent aluminum 20*20*1 filters for rooftop make up air unit completely deteriorated. See picture. Tech recommends ordering new filters for make up air unit on rooftop. Replaced filters in package units and washed permanent aluminum filter for package unit economizer. Replaced seven 20*20*1 filters in the kitchen area. Did not replace eight 20*20*1 filters in dining area ceiling. See ServiceTitan picture for updated filter count.

Percy M.

Percy M. Job Checkin


David  S.

David S. Job Checkin

19051546JA head pressure was high Schrader on high side port was leaking tech tighted port and cleaned both kitchen and lobby systems Lobby system had insulation fallen inside the system removed insulation while cleaning system. Checked for leaks on lobby system as well in case the description of problems was wrong. Closed back door during visit since units are not designed to cool the outdoors

Matthew L.

Matthew L. Job Checkin

Tech found the drain for the larger gas pack (kitchen) was completely clogged with algae and partially obstructed by a zip tie. Tech used water hose and shop vac to clean and clear drain trap and drain line. Partially removed drain pan from package unit to use shop vac and water hose to completely clean drain pan. Reassembled drain and closed up unit. System is back draining correctly. Manager on duty also reported front gutter dripping. There are no HVAC drains near that location. There is a tree that has likely clogged the roof gutter with leaves. Tech recommends cleaning gutter and sealing seam in the bottom of gutter where it drips. Not HVAC related. Manager on duty also reported dehumidifiers not getting power. Service history reports we confirmed the same on May 15. Tech ensured that dehumidifier breakers are on. Humidistat is lit up and reports humidity setpoint is satisfied. Humidistat is powered from dehumidifier. No batteries. Dehumidifier is operational. Said registers in

David  S.

David S. Job Checkin

Replaced blower motor and cleared drain line .

Randy K.

Randy K. Job Checkin

Performed inspection on 3 TRANE units, 2 Dehumidifier, changed all filters. Emptied condensate pump of water, found no power at dehumidifier outlet. Possible bad blower at AH #3 (restrooms). Left case of 20x20x1 filters.

David  S.

David S. Job Checkin

Found coil to gas furnace froze up. Will need to de ice coil to further diagnose Immediately turned heat on and de iced coil Found system low on 410a Homeowner does not want new system at this time. Added 2 pounds 12 oz system is back to cooling properly

Jesse J.

Jesse J. Job Checkin

Tech preformed CMA FILTER CHANGE. All filters changed.