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Jesse J.

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Tech preformed CMA FULL SERVICE on 1 split system and 1 mini split system, both units are down at this time. Split system Unit is not operating. Upon inspection tech found compressor not engaging due to failed capacitor. Tech added capacitor for test purposes and compressor engaged. Compressor was extremely loud and had a sheering metal noise. Indicates compressor is beginning to fail mechanically. Unit has two filter driers on liquid line, systems typically have one. Pressures and line freezing up show that there is a refrigerant restriction between filter driers. Evaporator coil has a leak. Due to multiple challenges and age of unit tech recommends replacing system. Mini Split Condenser unit is not operating due to communication error (E6). Unit has correct voltage going to it. Tech checked all connections an verified they were connected properly. After eliminating all other possible causes, tech believes source of error code is control board. Recommend replacing.Tech did notice the