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Matthew L.

Matthew L. Job Checkin

Returned to replace faulty defrost board with OEM defrost board.

Matthew L.

Matthew L. Job Checkin

Upon arrival customer stated that the outdoor fan had stopped spinning. He said that he had someone come work on the system in the past and the fan had done the same thing. The person was able to get the fan to start by spinning the fan blade. I also tested this method today and was able to get the fan to start. However, this is a sign of the bearings in the fan motor failing. There is also a bad sound coming from the fan motor indicating failing bearings. The customer also informed me that the unit froze up during the last cold period. I tested defrost and was unable to get the system to go into defrost. Lastly, the system is quite dirty and needs to be cleaned. I highly recommend covering this system under the Energy Savings Agreement to receive 15% off of any needed repairs as well has have routine maintenance and cleaning performed. To have the system run properly, the condenser fan motor and defrost control board will need to be replaced. Customer approved repairs. Nee

Noah C.

Noah C. Job Checkin

Upon arrival, customer informed tech that 60A breaker inside air handler has been tripping when auxiliary heat runs. Tech tested all high voltage field and factory wiring inside of air handler for electrical shorts. Tech also checked for loose high voltage connections. No electrical shorts found. Tech found L1 wire on the line side of the 60A equipment breaker was loose and the breaker was hot to the touch near the connection. Tech quoted minor repair fee of $101.25 to secure loose connection. Customer approved. Tech used blue thread-locking compound and tightened down the loose L1 lug, as well as the 3 remaining lugs. No further challenges at this time. Customer did not invest in service agreement at this time. Tech collected $200.96 by credit card for house call/diagnostic fee and minor repair.

Kenny C.

Kenny C. Job Checkin

Ac not cooling