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Very kind, patience and answer any questions I had.

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Kenny C.

Kenny C. Job Checkin

Performed ESA, discussed plasma air. Not time to renew ESA.

Landen  H.

Landen H. Job Checkin

Performed routine maintenance on 2 systems per energy savings agreement. Upstairs - technician did not find any issues with system today. Unit is heating properly and holding a delta t of 20 plus degrees. Downstairs - tech found no challenges with this system today. The system is heating properly and holding a delta t of 20+ degrees. Customer renewed ESA via card.

Romario  T.

Romario T. Job Checkin

Quinnch@gmail.com Found the thermostat calling for heat but no operation. Tech went into test mode and heat pump operated and gas heat as well. Tech checked the set up for proper dual fuel set up. Indoor coil is extremely clogged with dog hair. Tech strongly recommended ESA (maintenance). Customer declined ESA for now and uv bulb replacement. System is liable to not be efficient and operate properly due to having restrictive airflow, causing abnormal pressures and potential temperature limit switches to be triggered. Tech left the system operating in heat mode.

Matthew L.

Matthew L. Job Checkin

Tech found downstairs zone system not heating due to a failed 1/3 hp 1075 rpm blower motor. System is 12 years old. Indoor coil is very rusty. Leak searched indoor coil and confirmed it leaking refrigerant. Picked up leak location in upper left corner of coil on low, medium, and high sensitivity. Tech recommends getting quote on system replacement due to age, cost of repairs with blower and refrigerant leak, and lack of warranty. Field Supervisor is scheduled for tomorrow at 3pm. Customer opted to get system running with new blower today. Tech let her know that up to $750 of repair cost can go towards new system within 30 days. Tech tested system with new blower motor. System is back operating correctly in each mode. System holds about 6 lbs of R410a. Tech estimates system is under 1 lb low on refrigerant. Would need nice warm day to set the subcooling. Tech recommends system replacement due to age and coil replacement cost.

Joshua W.

Joshua W. Job Checkin

Tech performed one system ESA, system is working properly at this time, customer renewed one system psa.

Wayne  T.

Wayne T. Job Checkin


Ricardo  T.

Ricardo T. Job Checkin

Tech washed and serviced unit Customer changes own filters