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Jason H.

Jason H.

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No cool, Found system frozen due to low refrigerant levels, Client aware system leaking refrigerant wants temporary fix Needed System working tonight De-ice evaporator coil Flush and treated drain line *Found coil very rusty and a lot of biological growth in system From saturation on fiberboard plenum* Recommend upgrading,duct cleaning unit and air purifier Recharge and balance refrigerant **No warranty on refrigerant ** Low 68 psig Super-heat 18'F High 176 psig Sub Cool 12'F Check air filter ok Compressor noisy might have suffered permanent damage Measure temperature difference 22'F Outdoor temp 78'F Thunderstorm Client Aware system needs further attention for permanent fix/repair also made aware system can freeze and leak water causing property damage Suggested upgrading equipment 10-13 years old