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Ben S.

Ben S. Job Checkin


Garry M.

Garry M. Job Checkin

Performed maintenance. Client replaced filter. Verified proper Delta T. Tested safety switches. Electrical connections are secure. Amp draws are good. UV light is working. Cleared drain line. Capacitor is testing within proper range. Refrigerant pressures are good. Cleaned coils. Unit and components are operating properly within manufacturers specs with no issues at this time. Offered to install stay clean strip, client declined at this time. *Client renewed SSA. *

Benny L.

Benny L. Job Checkin

Performed tune up on two systems customer wants his invoice mailed they don’t check the email it’s upstairs

Robert P.

Robert P. Job Checkin

Found system low on r22 found leak on evap coil on 1.5 /2 ton 1988 air handler the condenser is 2.5 ton 2003 condenser. Replacement is due. No repair possible other than charging system up but it will leak right back out over time. Quoted new unit. Home owner will call us back if he goes with us.

David S.

David S. Job Checkin

Preformed Bronze agreement Tune Up on a Goodman split heat pump system, model and serial number match in system. Checked the filter and checked pressures, checked amp draws and checked wiring connections. Cleaned coils and cleaned drain line. Added algecide treatment to drain pan. Recommended and installed Blue Tube Kit for growth prevention. All systematic components are working properly at this time. Blue Tube has one yr warranty.

John S.

John S. Job Checkin

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