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Quick and clean

The guys arrived on time, fixed the problem with the A/C, in a little over an hour. I am still waiting for my receipt that was supposed to be emailed to me.

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for howell township, nj

Justin M.

Justin M. Job Checkin

Delivery of 5 bags of salt Places in basement next to conditioning equipment Brine tank is at a good level currently

Dylan M.

Dylan M. Job Checkin

Technician came to the house and was told by the homeowner that the clean out had been overflowing, and he attempted to snake it himself however he could not clear the line. Technician was given authorization and snake the line clear. However cause of blockage was not pulled back on snake. When attempting to test the line with the toilet, toilet began to back up. Tech augured toilet clear And managed to get line clear and flowing from toilet to septic tank. Customer has been advised that due to the age and condition of the toilet it is recommended it be replaced for it has a poor flush which in turn can affect transportation of waste from toilet to septic tank.

Nick R.

Nick R. Job Checkin

Do you to loss of power customer was concerned that water softening system was out of sync. Technician reset the clock and confirmed that everything was working properly.

Joe  S.

Joe S. Job Checkin

Signal wires are broke from the furnace to the condenser outside. Need to run wire through the ceiling to the outside and land it into the condenser in order to get unit functional